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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Penang Food Adventures - Mama's Nyonya Restaurant

Our trip back to Penang was made extra rewarding with my many food indulgences which included proper restaurant dining and street food. This blog is the perfect fodder for photos accompanied with short notes about those experiences. Memory lane stuff :) Here, I start off with a short post about one of the restaurants we visited.

Mama's is a restaurant serving nyonya cuisine located at 31-D, Abu Siti Lane. There are quite a number of nyonya restaurants in Penang and in our opinion, Mama's serves one of the best versions of nyonya cuisine. We had dinner there to celebrate Pin's birthday.

Traditional Kebaya top adorns the wall to carry the nyonya theme of the restaurant

I got carried away with eating and chatting that night, I dont quite remember what this dish was :) Think it was beef rendang

This was Cashew Nut Prawn Curry. I liked this a lot. It had a very unique flavour - probably brought on by the use of cashew nuts. This is not a spicy curry and unlike any 'curry' you have tasted.

Ooh... one of my favourites. Garlic and dried shrimp eggplant. Yum!

Perut Ikan - translated, it means Fish Stomach :) This is normally a favourite with ladies but unfortunately it doesnt quite strike a chord with me.

For dessert we had Bee Ko Moi - a thick, rich dessert of black sticky rice topped off with a rich helping of coconut milk. This was really good but I could not finish it after everything else that I had... so I tapau-ed. Which means take away :)

As mentioned before, we were there to celebrate Pin's birthday. We ordered cake from Humble Beginnings, a somewhat new business venture that sells its cakes mainly through word of mouth via their website. All cakes are delivered and while the price of these cakes are pretty steep, it is so worth every dollar. They are well known for their crepe cakes. What is a crepe cake? :) Visit the webpage and order one! I would most certainly do so again when I return to Penang in January.

The crepe birthday cake

The birthday boy with his cake

Layers of goodness... Ooh the memories of this cake! I was very naughty that night. I loved the cake so much, I had two helpings of it and I wasn't who the cake was for! Greedy, greedy....

On that sweet note, we ended our nyonya night. There were more main dishes but like said, I got carried away with eating and forgot to take pictures. Heh... that happens a lot to me.

More details about what nyonya cuisine is about here.


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